Saturday, August 6, 2011


We finally made it home after driving straight through from Kansas City to New Philly. The trip was very uneventful and we were very tired and very ready to be home.

You cannot imagine how much one can miss things like chairs, televisions, couches and computers. You know what we missed the most though? Our toilet! Our clean, comfy, always-there-when-we-need-it, some-random-stranger-hasn't-used-it toilet.

Oh and we missed Karol ... haha. Unfortunately Karol was gone we we arrived home. She had flown out to San Diego to spend time with Marissa. Way back in the planning stages we were hoping this would time up perfectly with when we were in San Diego too. However, life got in the way of our best laid plans, and the timing just wouldn't match up. So she took her vacation and spent some quality girl time with Marissa (and I suppose some boy time with Ben too!)

Karol and I have been apart for nearly 4 weeks! When she flew back into Columbus, she started begging me to come see her at the Embassy Suites. I tried fending her off for as long as I could once I arrived, but she was strong and being alone for so long had only made her stronger. As soon as I walked in the door she assaulted me with kisses and hugs and pretty much hasn't let go since. Hey, hey, it's not like Nathan's going to let her smother him with love, somebody's got to take one for the team... not that I'm complaining!!

Now that we're home we've been settling back in, getting unpacked and preparing to go back to our daily routine. I start back to work next week. Nathan is already back into two a day soccer practices and doing quite well... if you don't count the sleep deprivation, sore feet, tight hamstrings, and very tender calves.

Thank You!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has come along with us on this journey. The whole trip was just that much more enjoyable knowing that we were able to share parts of it with our family and friends back home. We wanted to thank Jenni for her help with the blog. Thanks to Marissa and Ben, Paul and Marion, and Debbie for the hospitality! After days on the road, a friendly face and comfy home is so appreciated. Richard Jones wanted to send out thanks to Paul Schuster for the peacock ore.
Again thank you so much to all of our loved ones for the thoughts, prayers, care packages, comments, texts, and phone calls. We love you all.

Who knows what our next great adventure will be? Maybe a little bit of...

Overall this was such a great experience. We have this slideshow for all of the pictures we took during the trip. It's pretty long to watch and the pictures are not in  order. If you'd rather see the individual pictures just check out the tabs at the top of the page for pics from each leg.

(sorry I deleted two comments on accident when moving this slide show into a post!)

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