Saturday, July 16, 2011


We are finally in California! We are 25 miles from Yosemite, it was not a great day =( We had a 3 hr wait just to get 2 tires changed at Walmart in Elko, Nevada =/ . We went in because one tired looked pretty rough, but ended up getting two new tires out of the deal. All for the better I suppose... except we learned the hard way that banks track your purchases and will put holds on your accounts when your card is used places other than your normal area! Fraud protection is great... when you're actually not in need of that card half-way across the country. Bleh. All fixed now though and lesson learned.

Now we are pulled over in an empty lot across from a Gas'n'Go in Bridgeport, CA. It was $8 for a 6" sub at the Quiznos we stopped at, but dad is living off of bananas and peanut butter. We tried the MREs that were supposedly simple to make but it took us an hour to figure it out. Oh and it didn't even heat up all that well. They were as bad as you would imagine =). They had fruit punch mix, meatball marinara, combos, heat bread, almonds, chedder prtzels, and little pieces of gum ... And a spoon =)

We're both already missing home a bit, but having a great time nonetheless.

Picture of our home the last 2 nights in Bridgeport, CA:

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