Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hoover Dam and Utah

This morning Dad took off to the pool for a while until it started to rain on him, thus cutting his swimming short and being the cause of me waking up early. We checked out of our room and headed over to hang out with some of Dad's favorite celebrities. No, it wasn't Celine Dion, Cher, Wayne Newton, or Prince we were off to see. More like The Old Man, Rick, Corey, and of course Chumlee over at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The Pawn Stars themselves weren't in as they were on vacation this week (of all weeks to go on vacation!), but we still got to look around at the tons of things they had and talked to some very informative guys about buying silver and gold. The place was a lot smaller than we expected, but really nice.

After leaving Vegas we took a quick jaunt over to the Hoover Dam. It was very impressive to look at, but before we were allowed to go near it, we had to have our whole car inspected including opening the coolers and such. Can't be too safe in this day and age of terrorists and whackos I suppose. Lucky for us we had no dirty underwear just hanging out in the car. Lucky for the inspectors actually! We got lots of pictures of it, but they're on the other camera, so they'll have to come later and you'll have to make due with this one:

Upon leaving the Hoover Dam, we drove through Utah. The plan was to go to Zion National Park while there, but we decided against it. The gravitational force known as "home" is really starting to tug at us and it gets stronger with each passing day. While in Utah, Dad thought of his old friend Kenny who had passed away and thought about how different things would be if he were still alive today, and how we'd be stopping by to visit him on this trip and having an excellent time. He was a bit saddened, but the happy memories were really good.

We ended up spending the night in a truck stop in Green River, Utah, sleeping in the car. No more ritzy 19th floor hotel rooms for us!

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