Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This morning we got up at 6:30am to make our way to Sequoia National Park. We were way too tired to try Kings Canyon, but we enjoyed the trees anyways. However, after seeing about 20 or 30 giant trees it just becomes repetitive. It was a very unique place and we really enjoyed it, just not something you spend a full day doing.

We're off to San Diego right now. We should be at Marissa's place about 11:00pm. We're really looking forward to not having to go anywhere. Just to be able to sit on the beach and chill for a while.


  1. It sounds like you two are having a blast! I love reading the blog. Nathan, are you writing this or is Uncle Scott? Someone is a GREAT writer! Thanks for sharing!

  2. haha sadly neither of us are writing it, as u can see from our first couple of posts they arent to good, some of the other ones are from me (nathan) but most of them are from jenny. we tell her wat we did and she makes it more interesting