Wednesday, July 13, 2011

care package

sorry for the wait! We were having so much fun at merryman's we forgot to open the package until today, thnx for the stuff and I'm sure the word search wil be used... And wats the air fresheners supposed to mean??? And wats with the pics? We went away to get away from you guys =P haha

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  1. We had so much fun with you guys here too! Addie woke up and started crying when I said we had to go wake you guys up to give goodbye hugs.

    Then when we came home, she walks in the door and says "Where's Papa Scott?"

    "Addie, remember we gave them goodbye hugs this morning. They had to go home." I say.

    To which she replies: "I waaaaanttttt my uncle nathan and papaaaaa scooootttt!!!" and the crying continued until I offered her a snack. Then you were quickly forgotten.

    Thanks so much for coming to visit us. I really enjoyed seeing you guys.