Sunday, July 24, 2011

Race Day

We all woke up at 4:45 to head out to the race. The race was a 400 meter swim, 9 mile bike ride, then a 3.1 mile run. Marissa's wave went first. She made it through the first few waves fine, but she got a little bit out and got taken out by huge wave. Her goggles came off and she was pretty disoriented for a bit.

When she got out of the water, she yelled to dad to let him know that the water was rough. Dad started getting really worried. If Marissa had trouble, he would be in big trouble. Just before dad's wave started, the crowd noticed some fins out in the water. Luckily they were dolphins.

It turned out dad didn't have to worry at all. The swim was way easier than he thought it would be and he ended up passing a few people during the swim.

The start line! Your can see the first buoy; the second buoy is a little bit further back and to the right.

Meanwhile, Marissa got through the bike part pretty easily, but when she jumped off her bike to start her run, her legs felt like noodles. She didn't know if she was going to be able to run three miles with those legs. However, she made it by running REALLY slow, but she did run the whole way.

Dad also had an easy time on the bike. He made it about a mile and a half before he had to walk. However, when he got closer to the finish line, everyone was cheering and yelling so he picked up the pace and sprinted into the finish line like a pro.

Dad coming in strong!

Here are some results:

The winner:



MALE 45-49 64 1054 790 SCOTT JONES 48 10 NEW PHILADELPHI 1:35:09
FEMALE 25-29 80 1071 1434 MARISSA WALTER 26 3 SAN DIEGO 1:37:35

After the race, we all went out to eat some pizza and drink some beer as a reward for all that hard work.

My first beer!

My sister is the best!

Next stop is New York New York in Las Vegas. We have one of the nicest rooms they have. It should be fun!

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  1. That's awesome! Great job Scott and Marissa!

    Pretty amazing that you guys can do that at all, let alone finish in an hour and a half!