Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocky Mountain Bound

After a long night in the car in Green River, Utah, we set our sights upon the Rocky Mountains. Driving to Glenwood Springs, CO to take a swim in the spring-fed sulfur pools, we lounged around at the "Spa of the Rockies". Two pools, one 80-90 degrees and one 104 degrees, all spring fed, all year long. We got to go down water slides and swim laps and just enjoy the warm, relaxing waters. We at at Tequilas where I ate a spicy shrimp and mushroom dish. Well, I ate the spicy shrimp part, not so much the mushrooms.

From Glenwood Springs, we went on to Loveland Pass on continental divide. There were still a lot of snow patches in the higher elevations, so we partook in a small, yet futile, snowball fight. Being belted with snowballs in July is much, much nicer than in February. However, it was short lived due to a hail storm on the mountain. We both had a bit of a hard time catching our breath due to the altitudes. So much for being in shape! I thought people born in high elevations were naturally equipped to deal with this sort of thing. I demand a refund!

We attempted to go to Mt. Evans but the hail storm turned into a downpour, so we opted out. Next, we tried to go to an old favorite camping spot in Empire, but the 4 wheel drive was making some awful noises, so we didn't press our luck trying to make it up the mountain.

Then we visited Lookout Mountain which overlooks the Coors Brewery in Golden, and Denver in the distance. It was raining the whole time. After the lookout, we swung by mom's old house, which of course stirred up some of Dad's old memories of how they first met. We saw Sheridan Green Elementary school where Marissa went to school and just cruised around Mom's old neighborhood.

We're currently looking for some old neighbors of Mom and Dad's, but they aren't home right now. We're supposed to spend the night there, but we're not sure what will happen, as we showed up several days earlier than we thought... damn that gravitational force again.

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  1. How cool- or how warm! in the case of the pools...

    it sounds wonderful... what an amazing time you guys are having!

    I am jealous w a capital J :)