Saturday, July 23, 2011

Screwing Around In San Diego

Yesterday we went to the world famous Ranchos. It's Ben's favorite place, but we went without him, muah! We went to the pawn shop and found some swords and coins. Then, we headed down to La Jolla to see the tide pools. Tide pools are made when the tide goes out, but marine life gets trapped in the crevices in rocks. It's pretty cool. We saw fish and crabs and sea urchins! We also saw some sea lions playing in the water. We would have more pictures but SOMEONE (Marissa) forgot to put the SD chip back in the camera. Then it was dark, so we explored some beach caves with flashlights.

When we were exploring the caves, dad stepped on a lose stone and almost fell in the water with all the crabs. Coming out of the cave, Marissa steeped on the exact same stone and also almost fell in the water.

For some information about the heated San Diego sea lion debate click here!

Today (7/23/2011), Marissa and dad went to register for the triathlon. Dad wanted to get up early and be there an hour early. Marissa was having none of that and refused to leave her bedroom until 10:00 am. Marissa got a wetsuit and they learned a little about triathlons. Apparently, sting rays hang out in the sand in the morning. Luckily, the first wave will probably kick them all up, so us slow people don't have to worry about ending up like Steve Irwin.

Scott and Marissa have to be at the triathlon by 5:30. That means we have to leave by 5:00am. Nathan and Marissa are super excited to be up early. Wish us all luck!

The Ramp we will be running up after the swimming leg of the triathlon.

Ready for race day!

All marked up and ready to go!

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