Sunday, July 17, 2011


We're having a hard time connecting to the internet, so we apologize for the late posts.

We arrived in Yosemite early Sunday morning. Although we were only 25 miles from Yosemite last time we posted, that was only the entrance. It took us over an hour to get into the heart of the park.

Getting there at the crack of dawn is the way to go. We had all the roads to ourselves as most of the park visitors don't start rolling in until 8:30-9:00am. We were able to stop along the road whenever we wanted to sightsee and take some pictures. Later on the traffic was bumper to bumper. Early bird paid off for us!

We enjoyed a 5 hour hike on Mist trail today too. I swear you needed to be part mule to get up to the top. We saw some horses on the trails and it looked so scary to be on a horse or mule so close to the cliffs. There were tons of amazing waterfalls and lots of great scenery and breathtaking views along the way. Luckily we took a day pack with some dry clothes and snacks. I think we jogged for about 2 miles down the path at one point. It seriously kicked our butts. Sleep will be welcomed tonight!

We really don't know where we're going to sleep tonight. It's such a long drive into the park that leaving isn't really a good option as we still have lots we plan on doing. All the campsites we passed by the entrance were full, so we're going to ask if there's a place we can just sleep in the car or just pitch a tent. However, it got down into the 30s overnight last night, so I can't imagine how cold it will be tonight. Brrr!

Today was the best day so far and tomorrow we'll be doing a 13 mile bike ride.

Nevada Falls:

Nathan is the blue on the left:

Nevada Falls:

El Cap:

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