Thursday, July 14, 2011

we have wifi again!

sorry about the lack of blogging, right before we got to the Badlands I lost my phone and we could not find it. We looked all over the car with no luck. Next we went to the Badlands where we climbed around the rocks and my dad was worried about snakes. Then we went to a gift shop and saw handmade bows and spears but they were all $100+! I drove out of the Badlands, then it was off to Mt Rushmore where you were allowed to climb around on the rocks in front of the faces. We met a guy that fell on the rocks and he was laughing about it.. as blood ran down his arm and leg. After that we were looking for a place to sleep and we found a place where the
United Methodist church was staying and they let us stay free of charge(it had showers, breakfast, and beds). Then the next morning we woke up and went to Crazy Horse,then we went to a place called Rushmore Cave. The cave was good, the walkway wasn't so open so you had to duck. Also the place had a zip line that you sat in a chair and went down and when you got down it brought you back up to the top. Next it was off to needles highway ... Don't worry I didn't drive... We climbed on the rocks some more then we went to Sylvan Lake and walked all around and climbed some more rocks, I fell a few times then I swam in the water.... It was so cold when the water got to my chest I couldn't breath for a little bit. And finally on the way back to the car I went to the coolers and there my phone was!! On the cooler holder... And now we are on the road again and have wi-fi so we will keep you updated.

Pictures edited in by Jen from Scott:

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  1. I love Sylvan Lake! Erik took me there in 2003. It's neat as I've been to all these things you guys are experiencing today.

    Can't wait to read about the stuff you get to do that I've not had a chance to try yet!