Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nathan's First Drive

Heading into Boone last night, we pulled over and let Nathan take the helm for the last 3 miles of driving. Apparently the GPS instinctively sensed a new driver as it popped up a route consisting of only backroads. Phew.

A little nervous and shaky, we made our way through all of the turns and stops to Erik and Jenni's house. Then here comes the last stop sign before reaching our destination... and there goes the last stop sign as Nathan blows right through it! Lucky for us, we had the most intuitive GPS ever and were only on some little used back road.

Driving lesson of the day: Stop Signs

In all fairness, look at how hidden this stop sign is:
Only now can you see the sign 10-15 feet away from intersection.


  1. 1. From what I've heard, there are only back roads near Erik and Jenni.

    2. I do not believe Nathan wrote this. I think there is a ghost rider named Karol.

    3. I wish I was there :(

  2. Acually jenny posted this, she said our recent posts were tooo short and guy like..

  3. They are too short and guy like, that's how I knew there was an impostor!

    I told mom to just start calling you every night and then blogging what you say, where are you guys now anyway?!